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What can make the difference between success and failure of a school?

Posted by Bert Maes on June 24, 2009

I’ve visited a technical college in Sweden (named ‘Bäckadalsgymnasiet’). What struck me the most was that this school has got its own marketing manager!

Bäckadalsgymnasiet SwedenI was utterly amazed to see, in a school, someone that is responsible for marketing, public relations, publications, fundraising, governmental relations, and so on.

And you know what? Probably that is the future.

Faced with the reality of shrinking budgets and rapidly changing social needs and political climates, the survival of schools will depend on reinventing themselves, reengineering themselves and marketing themselves.

It is no longer wise to attempt to be ‘all things to all people. In an age of specialization, people need compelling reasons to choose one school rather than another.

Offering added value to the students will be a matter of survival. Schools will have to sharpen their profile and create a much stronger competitive position, through focusing on a niche that is underserved by others.

Market research, the changing job market and new technologies made ‘Bäckadalsgymnasiet’ in Sweden decide to make of high-quality inspiring CNC education their niche.  As a result, they recently have invested heavily in new CNC manufacturing equipment.

Bäckadalsgymnasiet Sweden - bAs one of the biggest schools in the country, they now take up their responsibility to help making the Swedish manufacturing industry more competitive and to play a key role in the development of environmental-friendly sustainable technologies.

I believe an example that should be followed.

Based on thoughts of Bonnie Dimun.


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