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How will the new job market look like?

Posted by Bert Maes on June 26, 2009

Based on: Nancy F. Smith

President Obama promised the $787 billion package would add 3 to 4 million jobs.

Three (3) areas that will experience a relatively quick (& longer term) job growth from the package:

  • Teaching and public works construction projects will have direct infusions of stimulus cash.
  • Despite the recession, the health care industry has been adding an average of 17,000 jobs per month. The demands of an aging population and technological advances in health care services will create even more new jobs in the long term.
  • And green-collar jobs, i.e. blue-collar jobs on green projects. The $50 billion poured into this may well spark the next economic boom for the U.S. economy. Green manufacturing plants will be built here rather than offshore if they want access to the funds in the stimulus package.

The bottom line is that you’ll have to learn new skills for these kinds of jobs. One of the most promising career choices fitting ‘green-collar jobs’ is probably CNC manufacturing.

As Peter Hall (Haas Automation Europe) stated: We will witness a revolution in sustainable technology. This will mean that advanced knowledge and skills in CNC machine tools is even more vital than ever before.obama-at-fastener-industry290

To show you what Mr. Hall means: Obama visited a manufacturer of parts for the clean energy industry and said: “[these are] the kind of jobs that don’t just support families and sustain communities — but also help transform our economy, spurring growth not just today, but for decades to come.”

Sounds like a career in CNC is the surest way forward, isn’t it?


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