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Impact of School Infrastructure on Education Outcomes

Posted by Bert Maes on June 30, 2009

The environment has got a significant effect on our behavior. A basic example is the classroom.

If we’ll create stimulating and attractive classrooms, we’ll improve student motivation and their performance.

Recent international and national research is interesting to read, or you can just look through my FOUR (4) TIPS  to make your classes a lot more fun:

  • Good Lighting: I visited many technical schools in Europe the past years. Many were way too dark to be pleasant. Enough daylight & light sources really brighten up the space and make the students feel a lot more comfortable.
  • Right Color: The underlying principle for all renovations should be “KISS”, Keep It Simple Stupid. Keep color schemes simple, use neutral, pale, creamy colors. Too often schools use brown and yellow :-s. Grey and white colors reflect light better and make rooms appear bigger, brighter and more welcoming. These colors give the space a clean high-tech appearance. That is pretty crucial for a technical school.
  • Nice & Clean: a classroom should be absolutely clean and clutter-free at all times.
  • Really Stimulating: CNC education urgently has to show its true nature: sleek, modern, sophisticated. A student has to see that in the school building, through features that distinguishes his/her school from others. Add a few eye-catching features, such as colorful modern accents of eye-catching posters which stimulate, motivate & impress the students.

Bottom line: make classrooms look better, make them more comfortable and put a lot of technology in them.

How does your classroom look like? Is it based on a ‘big picture’, a long-term view, the future?


5 Responses to “Impact of School Infrastructure on Education Outcomes”

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  2. ça roule ? Je suis jeune de quarante-six années !

    je suis Fantina
    Ce que je fais dans la vie, directrice d’hôtel … Je suis plutôt d’un caractère réservé.

  3. bonsoir Je m’appelle Chantal.
    Je suis agée de 28 années , je n’ai pas de problème à ce sujet .

    Ce que je fais : vendeuse en micro-informatique . On dit que je semble rigolote.

  4. Je souffle mes trente-quatre bougies dans un mois tant
    pis si on ne le dit pas !
    Mon nom est Lundy.
    je suis actuellement des études de infirmière .
    .. Il est dit parfois que je suis attentionnée.

  5. Vaishali said

    Can I have some more views of your on the effect of infrastructure on academic attainment of college students

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