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Economic Recovery – With Better Technical Education

Posted by Bert Maes on July 1, 2009

Pedro Noguera, professor at New York University and director of the Metropolitan Center for Urban Education, has written a CNN commentary which is straight to the point if you ask me.

What I remember:art.pedro.noguera

  • “America’s schools [and European schools] need more than just money (…) to promote the kind of education that will be needed to support our economy and democracy in the 21st century.”
  • “There must be more strategic investments made to ensure some degree of alignment between the curriculum of our secondary schools and the sectors of the economy where growth can be anticipated.”
    [See one of my previous posts]
  • “There can be no future for the auto industry if the public schools in Detroit, Flint or Gary are not capable of educating a new generation of workers to design the cars of the future.”
  • “We have to move the conversation about teacher quality forward, (…) focused more broadly on how to insure that teachers receive adequate support and training to (…) ascertain their effectiveness in the classroom.”
  • “We have a tremendous opportunity to move our nation forward by substantially improving our schools. We cannot afford to waste it. Our children deserve it, and our future as a nation depends upon it.”

It’s NOW that we have to bring our technical education
to a world-class level, don’t you think?


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