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Michael Jackson also an Industrial Phenomenon

Posted by Bert Maes on July 10, 2009


Thriller small As the world mourns the untimely death of pop icon Michael Jackson, who sold hundreds of millions of records in his long career, take a moment to think about how automation made it possible to produce all those vinyl albums, cassettes and CDs quickly, affordably and at a high quality level.

Think about all the manufacturing jobs that even a single best-selling recording can produce—jobs in printing, converting, plastic molding, electronics and automation.

Turns out Jackson’s mega-hit record, Thriller, was produced at the CBS Records album and cassette manufacturing facility in Carrollton, GA. The plant is shuttered now—a victim of the digital music sea change—but 20 years ago, it employed a whopping 1,500 people.

You can read the Atlanta Journal-Constitution piece here.

Below you can see how CDs are made and guess what: virtually every machine you see in there is produced using CNC machine tools!

Next time someone tells you entertainment is more important in this economy than manufacturing, you can respond, “Beat It!”


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