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Part 2: Green Technology ~ Nano-engineering and CNC

Posted by Bert Maes on July 15, 2009

Waves of innovation

This is one of those charts I’ll love to use. It deserves some further research and clarification, so I’ll write a few posts on the role of CNC machining in the next “waves of innovation”.

Part 1: Green Technology ~ Wind Turbines and CNC

Part 2: Green Technology ~ Nano-engineering and CNC

nanotechnology-480“Green nano-engineering” is about building and manufacturing materials of a very small scale.

Have a look at the CNC production of tiny parts at Engineering TV.

  • Future specialists will be creating ultra-fine filters to capture ALL carbon dioxide from small engines to fossil-fuel power plants.
  • Nanotechnology will be key for better water purification to remove 100% of the bacteria and viruses – making deadly water-related diseases preventable.
  • Nanotech will clean up our soil, improving the quality of our food.
  • Solar energy will be captured in smaller nanotech storage systems.

There is an increased demand for these kinds of environment-saving solutions. So a perfect career choice might well be ultra-precision computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining.

Soon: Part 3: Green Technology ~ Solar Power Cars and CNC

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