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[Interview] Interested in a CNC Career?

Posted by Bert Maes on July 30, 2009

enrollmentpictureMike Lynch, President of CNC Concepts, Inc. ( gave an interesting interview on the reasons why he entered and stayed with CNC for his entire career. We wanted to make this information available to anyone who might have an interest in pursuing a career in CNC.

What do you like or dislike about CNC?

My favourite aspect is the feeling of accomplishment that comes with each success. Anyone who has written a CNC program knows this feeling. Seeing a workpiece being machined with your tooling, your process and your ideas is very satisfying.

Is there special training required?

The more training you have to start, the higher level position you can expect to get. And the more hands-on, the better!

Would more education or training be needed to get promoted?

In some companies, yes. However, you must understand that in general, manufacturing companies are starving for qualified people, especially qualified CNC people.

What is the condition of the working environment?

This varies dramatically from company to company. Many shops are downright filthy. Of course, the condition of the shop will tell you a great deal about the company management’s concern for their workers as you begin interviewing. Most manufacturing companies are highly concerned, and maintain very clean, safe, and pleasant environments for their workers.

Where do you think I am most likely to find work?

CNC machines are found everywhere. If you can get your hands on the business yellow pages, look up “machine shops” and “manufacturing companies“. A few calls asking whether the companies in your area have CNC machines will go a long way toward understanding the potential for a career in manufacturing in your area. Also note that people that have CNC experience can go just about anywhere. Many companies are willing to relocate qualified people and pay all moving expenses.

What are the requirements that companies looks for when taking on a CNC programmer or a CAD/CAM programmer?

At entry level (when hiring a person right out of technical school), most simply expect a high degree of enthusiasm and motivation. Believe it or not, your willingness to learn and grow with the company will probably be as important to your perspective employer as your qualifications.

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