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[UPDATE] General Electric: The Future is Manufacturing

Posted by Bert Maes on August 5, 2009

If seen what GE is planning for the future: indeed manufacturing! and even better “green manufacturing“:


They call it the Net-Zero Energy home. It has ground source heat pumps (promising a 30% reduction in energy use), photovoltaic arrays, supplementary wind power, high efficiency appliances and battery storage, all talking to each other through a Home Energy Manager… (Source:

>> What do YOU think of this technology?

Previous post on GE:


BA in applied mathematics, MBA at Harvard and CEO of General Electric – Jeffrey R. Immelt stated:

“The United States needs to refocus its economy on manufacturing and exporting if it wishes to recover from a brutal recession.”

“Our economy de-emphasized technology and we tilted toward the quicker profits of financial services. The United States need to reduce its reliance on financial services to drive economic growth.”

GE will target manufacturing again, with reducing its GE Capital finance unit and building a new manufacturing research center outside Detroit that will employ 1,100 people.

Slowly the importance of manufacturing is being recognized…


One Response to “[UPDATE] General Electric: The Future is Manufacturing”

  1. Ladios Liu said

    Great idea!
    and interest what amounts of the environmental impact to reduce.

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