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New Green Workforce Training Program

Posted by Bert Maes on September 2, 2009

The brand new curriculum at Purdue University focuses on advanced technology processes as

  • sustainable manufacturing
  • energy efficiency
  • water conservation
  • reuse and recycling
  • designing for the environment
  • and how different pollutants affect the environment.

The jobs of the future will not only be solar panel installer or wind turbine technician, but there will be a wide variety green manufacturing jobs, according to Kris Nasiatka, manager, certification, at the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME):

  • “There’s the existing manufacturing job in the aerospace industry where a worker with skills in composites can almost seamlessly transfer to making wind turbines.”
  • “Then there are manufacturing jobs,  enhanced by green knowledge, for a former auto machinist, welder or fabricator with in-demand skills, who just may need additional training.”


>> Have a closer look at the jobs of the future:

>> Or view other high-quality advanced technology training centers such as Purdue:


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