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Manufacturing Education – How To Fight Back

Posted by Bert Maes on September 14, 2009

Matt Holzmann posted a very interesting read, titled: North American Manufacturing – How To Fight Back Against the Odds.

Amongst others, he clearly states that “fewer and fewer of our leaders have a real grasp of the process of making things”

But “crisis generates opportunity, there is a window open”, Matt adds. “Der Spiegel reported that it is manufacturing which is leading Germany out of the recession. Germany now leads the world in making the equipment and materials for many green technologies.”

Matt advises: “Technology equipment in many companies is 20-30 years old. We must retool for the new technology. Our infrastructure must be upgraded, especially if we are to see a transition to electric cars.

CareerlineThe same is so true for all schools offering metal shaping education!

>> Due to a lack of investments and a lack of “focus on building long term value” and benefits, the majority of the technical education establishments in Europe completely miss key technologies… to equip young talented creators with the skills they need to become leaders in reinvention of products, for “a world demanding green technology solutions“.

School leaders actually have the opportunity to make a real difference “for our future as individuals, as families, as industries, and as nations” by focusing on the right industry/projects/products.

CNC manufacturing for green technology engineering must become a central subject at each technical school…

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