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[Article] Rethinking Manufacturing Strategy

Posted by Bert Maes on September 15, 2009

C1sFinally an optimistic read: the cover story of Rethinking Manufacturing Strategy – featuring companies refusing offshoring, but keeping / moving production operations back to the West.

Their competitive advantages are:

  • High-tech, sophisticated, highly automated manufacturing, including extensive use of powerful robots
  • Intense worker training (for advanced technology)
  • Lean process techniques, just-in-time methods & increased efficiency to control costs, reliability and quality
  • Tight integration between engineers and designers (product R&D) to create top-quality, integer technologies
  • Finding suppliers close to home, shortening supply chains => be closer to customers, serve them with speed and quality, improve lead-time capabilities, diminish delays, lower freight costs, have more stable prices, avoid “green” taxes and bad reputations…

My conclusion:

I expect an increasing demand for highly skilled manufacturing workers, i.e. those people with advanced high-tech knowledge & skills in CNC engineering, able to manufacture complex, environmentally sustainable goods…


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