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[Part 1] Schools “have no money”: Who to blame?

Posted by Bert Maes on September 16, 2009

Every day, schools want FREE stuff from me. They say they “have no money”.

Who to blame? Governments??

I don’t think so.

Their resources are under serious pressure. With their rapid increase in spending for health care and economy stimulus plans, today’s government’s strategy is simple: smarter, more efficient public sector investments.

This means: they ask bigger contributions from private businesses into education.

And I believe they have the right follow that strategy. Companies have social responsibilities towards their communities. But in return commercial enterprises will ask hard questions.

Firms will request their money to be used in the best possible way and to waste none of it. Money has to be driven to activities that directly impact the quality of classroom teaching and higher student achievements. Businesses will not keep furiously funding when schools -in the end- have little to show for it.

This demands very creative thinking and – most importantly to bring technical education to a higher level: permanent collaboration between education, governments and industry…


Friday you can read PART 2: Who else to blame? School administrators??


2 Responses to “[Part 1] Schools “have no money”: Who to blame?”

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  2. […] [Part 1] Schools “have no money”: Who to blame? Governments?? […]

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