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[Part 3] Schools “have no money”: 4 guidelines to get money

Posted by Bert Maes on September 21, 2009

Every day, schools want FREE stuff from me. They say they “have no money”.

I believe that schools will get the money they need, when they decide to:

(1) Use the full potential that is available in their neighborhood (e.g. private funds, local grants, company material & support, volunteers);

(2) Focus continually on becoming a better, more competitive, more attractive school (with a.o. better teacher development, focus on the right departments, modernize curricula, clean inspiring classrooms);

(3) Constantly monitor what is needed in the community (employee training needs, curriculum changes, project/research assistance, student apprenticeships) and accordingly develop new programs;

(4) Regularly communicate and market how they are changing their schools.

Come back on Wednesday for [Part 4] of this story:
“available funding programs for education offered by the EUROPEAN UNION”


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[Part 2] Schools “have no money”: Who to blame? School Administrators??


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