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[Part 4] Schools “have no money”: European funds

Posted by Bert Maes on September 23, 2009

Every day, schools want FREE stuff from me. They say they “have no money”.

logo_dg_educationWell, European money for education is available
in 6 main funding packages:

  • Comenius (funds for project from pre-school and primary to secondary schools)
  • Erasmus (funds for all those in formal higher education and vocational education and training at tertiary level)
  • Leonardo da Vinci (focused on enhancing the attractiveness, quality and performance of vocational education and training (VET) systems)
  • Grundtvig (addresses the teaching and learning needs in all forms of adult education)
  • Tempus (targets Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Western Balkans and the Mediterranean region, mainly through university cooperation projects)
  • Other grants (“calls for proposals” to Directorate-General Education and culture’s activities)

>> To get a quick overview of the programs and conditions for European funding for education: read my PDF document.

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