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Public View on Manufacturing :: Robert Parkins

Posted by Bert Maes on September 25, 2009

It is interesting to look at the Manufacturing Institute’s Public view on manufacturing study, there is paradox when one looks at the priority placed on manufacturing, the image of manufacturing, and then considers at the future “recruitment” of Talent. Take the following finding’s from the Institute’s annual index:
Priority – The public views Manufacturing as critical and should be a national priority.
a. 70% believe Manufacturing should be a national priority
b. 80% believe it is important to enabling our standard of living
c. Manufacturing is viewed as the most important industry to maintaining a strong national economy.

Image – The public has an image of Manufacturing that may be different than the modern reality
a. Only 33% believe Manufacturing jobs are clean and safe
b. Only 33% see Manufacturing job’s as higher paying than other industries
c. Only 54% of the youngest Americans see Manufacturing as “High Tech”

Future Recruitment – The encouragement of the next generation is challenged
a. 13% of parents would encourage children to pursue careers in MFG
b. 17% believe the school systems encourage careers in manufacturing.

It is a unique paradox…people think it is important, but someone else should do it. This represents a significant challenge that will need to be resolved for success over the long term.

>> Response of the HTEC program: let’s go back to the basics: Young people will only be inspired to enter manufacturing if they can follow education/training on high-quality equipment, with passionate teachers, on hands-on real-life projects, and not to forget: in an attractive, bright, truly modern, high-tech learning environment.



2 Responses to “Public View on Manufacturing :: Robert Parkins”

  1. Your site is very good. I m gonna read more, ty for info. Continue working on it.

  2. Bert Maes said

    Thank you, Lilly Roper for your positive reaction.

    What do you think is good about this blog?

    Your feedback helps me to improve where needed.


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