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Studies in engineering less popular

Posted by Bert Maes on September 25, 2009

Last week I gave a speech based on my chart below on the evolution of # students in “engineering, manufacturing & construction“.

I explained that with the previous economic crisis (2001) the amount of students in these technical professions dropped severally.

Consequently, I predicted that exactly the same is happening now!

And I turn out to be right:

Belgian universities and colleges have counted up to 25% more first-year-student registrations than last year. But the engineering faculties had a disappointing 3% extra male and a drop of 25% (!) female registrations.

Studies in engineering being less popular, is dramatic for our companies, as they have a critical shortage of skilled engineers since years!

This inhibits economic growth in Flanders. Companies don’t start there activities in our country, just because they do not find engineers“, said Koen Van den HeuvelOur initiatives to attract more young adults to engineering are just way too fragmented and uncoordinated.”

Read article in Dutch…

Statistics Europe Manufacturing Students


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