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[Video] Mouthwatering Manufacturing

Posted by Bert Maes on January 7, 2010

What is it about INTENSE CYCLES that causes their bikes to be so irresistibly mouthwatering? How did they come to represent all that’s appealing about mountain biking’s high-end?

Intense Cycles Inc. is one of the last companies to produce 100% (hand)made in the USA.

Every frame of each Intense “down hill” bike is handcrafted, in-house, each step of the way with the precision and love only a true artisan can appreciate.

See how their Intense 951 was created – Note the great soundtracks!

Each Intense is built with the eyes and hands of a sculptor:

And it comes down to  superior CNC machining skills to make it to the quality top 3 in the world:


4 Responses to “[Video] Mouthwatering Manufacturing”

  1. A lot of useful information. Thank you!

  2. Bert Maes said

    Hi Gregory.

    I’m glad you like these kind of things as well!

    What are you doing? You are working in the bike industry?


  3. I could not have used better words . This is a area that is that I often think about and I thought you covered it perfectly. I only just started blogging too but I’m not verygood at it yet. Would fancy to look at more of your blog and I’ll definitely come back yet again!

  4. I don’t usually take the time to leave comments, however it is not easy to find good information on this topic today. You did a great job in this blog post and I think I’ll check out your other articles as well. Keep writing!

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