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Unique program to make CNC education attractive grows unabated

Posted by Bert Maes on January 11, 2010

The company Haas Automation Europe has formed four new partnerships with technical schools to attract a new generation of young people to start careers in manufacturing technology.

The largest CNC machine-tool builder in the Western world has opened 36 Haas Technical Education Centers (HTEC) the last 2 years.

A few reactions from the four Russian schools that just joined the HTEC network:

  • Being part of the HTEC network enables us to achieve several of our missions, such as increasing student motivation, expanding our existing co-operation with enterprises in Moscow and beyond, and boosting the prestige of our school.” (Natalia Bokatuk, Polytechnic College n° 42)
  • This new step will raise our school’s appeal to students considerably and enables us to play a vital role in preparing the highly-skilled personnel that our republic urgently needs. We will develop further as an innovative centre covering all modern technologies.” (Shakurov Zumejra Munirovna, Kazan Energy College)
  • Companies around the world face great difficulties in recruiting CNC operators with the right competencies.  These HTECs show students that precision engineering is an exciting world with well-paid jobs.” (Peter Hall, Haas Automation Europe)

FULL ARTICLE: Four new HTECs Bring Total in Russian Federation to 12!


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