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VIDEO: A Short Video of Making a BMW Motorcycle

Posted by Bert Maes on March 16, 2010


This is just a short video about making a motorcycle. I like the integration of hands-on workers and robotics. You can really appreciate the programming and technology involved.

A comment from a viewer:  “Great bikes, of course, but big bummer to have so many robots replacing middle class jobs“.

An answer:

True, but a massive shortage of manufacturing workers forces us into dependence on technology, particularly robots. There will be many jobs for those people that have knowledge and skills in advanced, high-tech, sophisticated, highly automated manufacturing; for those people that create and program these powerful robots.

Manufacturing like this, with robotics will play an ever bigger role in health care, motorcycle building and lots of other industries.


3 Responses to “VIDEO: A Short Video of Making a BMW Motorcycle”

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  2. Birari Ashok said

    mind blowing bikes

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