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Press Release: New high-tech manufacturing training center in Austria

Posted by Bert Maes on April 5, 2010

By Matt Bailey

It’s appropriate that one of Europe’s most prosperous and industrious areas should also have the biggest and, perhaps, the most impressive Haas Technical Education Centre (HTEC) facilities.

On May 7th, 2010, the Überbetriebliches Ausbildungszentrum (ÜAZ) technical training establishment, in Vorarlberg, in the western-most region of Austria will officially open an HTEC boasting no fewer than 27 Haas CNC machines. The new, benchmark facility is part of the ÜAZ Metall department and will be located in Rankweil, in the beautiful Rhine Valley. It will be the 4th HTEC in Austria – the country also has the second and third biggest HTECs – and the 40th in Europe.

We are very excited about the grand opening of the ÜAZ Metall HTEC,” says Mr. Bert Maes, HTEC coordinator at Haas Europe, “not only because of the number of Haas machines it will employ, but also because it is such a good example how industry and education can work together to change the lives of young people for the better.

ÜAZ Metall offers practical training to youths who are socially or economically disadvantaged. The HTEC will give 100 students a year the hands-on experience they need to make better lives and successful careers as CNC technologists.

In economic terms, Vorarlberg is one of the best-performing regions of Western Europe, with flourishing textile, clothing, electronics, machinery and packaging sectors. Those who follow courses at HTEC ÜAZ Metall will be very well trained and well-prepared for careers in Austrian metal working companies or others further afield.

Our goal is to provide a top-quality technical education for youngsters who have fewer opportunities than others,” says general manager of ÜAZ Metall, Mr. Manfred Gollob. “We try to give the best possible, real-industry know-how to students otherwise unfamiliar with the metalworking sector. Being part of the HTEC network with its support, technology and public relations benefits will help tremendously; I think we have definitely found the right partner in Haas.”

The HTEC program was launched in Europe to counter what Haas Automation regards as one of the greatest threats to sustainable economic development on the continent: the shortage of talented and motivated young people entering precision manufacturing industries with CNC machining skills.

ÜAZ Metall is a highly dedicated partner,” concludes Mr. Maes, “and we are committed to offering our full support to the teachers and staff; to inspire young people to study manufacturing technology, to help build their confidence and to start long and successful careers as CNC specialists.

HTEC – The Concept

The HTEC initiative is a partnership between European educational establishments, Haas Automation Europe (HAE), its distributor-owned HFOs (Haas Factory Outlets) and an alliance of industry leading, CNC technology partners. HAE launched the HTEC programme in 2007 to counter what it regards as one of the greatest threats to the continent’s sustainable economic development: Namely, a shortage of talented and motivated young people entering the precision engineering industry with CNC machining skills.

The programme provides Haas CNC machine tools to educational establishments in Europe, so enabling HTEC students to become familiar with the latest CNC machining technology. This hands-on experience ensures students graduate with transferable skills and better employment opportunities. Haas Technical Education Centres also benefit local and national engineering companies by increasing the supply of well-educated apprentices.

Since launch, the HTEC initiative has expanded rapidly across Europe. Governments – from Sweden to Romania and from Portugal to Russia – have enthusiastically backed the programme and recognise the need to build a stronger manufacturing infrastructure.

The HTEC Industry Partners are some of the best-known names in precision manufacturing technologies and have demonstrated a strong, ongoing commitment to the HTEC objectives, backing them with the investment of time and resources. Currently, the HTEC Industry Partner network comprises KELLER, MasterCam, Esprit, Renishaw, Sandvik Coromant, Schunk, Blaser, Urma, Chick, Air Turbine Technology, Hainbuch, and CIMCOOL.

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