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How to recruit and retain young manufacturing talent?

Posted by Bert Maes on May 3, 2010

Today, 81 percent of American manufacturers say their biggest problem is finding technologically skilled workers.

The issue is related to the image of manufacturing and the quality of education.

But couldn’t it be linked as well to how some manufacturing companies are organized? Are you doing enough to make jobs and careers come alive for the best and brightest manufacturers of the future?

84% of the youngsters born between 1982 and 2000 is very ambitious. So the work content and workplace have to be organized according to some key elements young people need:

  • How Millenials see themselves

    Constant new challenges, new experiences and new ideas.

  • Continuous learning opportunities, being stimulated intellectually; master their profession, grow and advance.
  • A clear and transparent evaluation process with strong, accountable, explicit individual performance goals connected to inspiring long term perspectives of the company.
  • Cutting edge, high quality equipment they can work with. Young people expect the same high quality equipment at work (or in the classroom) as they have in their homes and daily lives.
  • Relevant end-products, with practical use for their own lives; young people don’t want their time wasted.
  • How other generations see Millenials

    A positive impact on the world: they want to make a difference from day one, they want to be engaged in conversations, they want to being asked for their opinions, they want to be listened to and influence their organization.

  • A supportive quality company culture: they want to have fun and excitement! Best is building great teams and promoting connectivity with high-quality colleagues. Isolation and lack of mentoring are particularly acute source of dissatisfaction.
  • They are aware very aware of today’s ecological and social challenges. As a result most are highly concerned with the health of the planet. A perfect approach to recruit young talent is explaining them the link between your CNC work and green technology creation.
  • A good balance between work and their private life; most of all they want to have enough time for their friends, passions, hobbies, volunteering etc

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