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Skills Shortage Manufacturing: a Turn-Key Solution

Posted by Bert Maes on July 9, 2010

The New York Times reported that factory jobs return, but employers find skills shortage. Manufacturing factory owners have been adding jobs slowly, but steadily since the beginning of the year, the article states. Yet some of these employers complain that they cannot fill their openings.

Plenty of people are applying for the jobs. But hiring is not always easy.

Astro Manufacturing and Design for example (a maker of parts and devices for the aerospace, medical and military industries ) urgently needs six machinists to run what are known as computer numerical control — or CNC — machines. An outside recruiter has reviewed 50 résumés in the last month and come up empty.

Schools are not delivering the employees they need. Manufacturers have retooled the way they make products, calling for higher-skilled employees.

Makers of innovative products like advanced medical devices and wind turbines are among those growing quickly and looking to hire people.

These high end manufacturers say they are looking for two things:

  • Skills: able to operate sophisticated computerized machinery, follow complex blueprints and demonstrate higher math proficiency than was previously required of the typical assembly line worker. But with poor ninth-grade level math skills, companies get disappointed by the quality of graduates from local training programs.
  • As important: aptitude – “We are trying to find people with the right mindset and intelligence,” said Thomas J. Murphy, chief executive of Ben Venue.

TEACHERS URGENTLY NEED SUPPORT to increase the supply of ready-trained, on-demand and enterprise-ready talent and skills!

A turn-key solution for school CNC departments:


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