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First HTEC in France: From Small Acorns…

Posted by Bert Maes on July 19, 2010

On June 10th, managers from Haas Automation Europe (HAE) joined the staff and students at L’Institut Universitaire de Technologie A de Lille in the city of Villeneuve d’Ascq, to celebrate the opening of the very first Haas Technical Education Centre (HTEC) in France.

The new HTEC consists of a Haas VF-1 vertical machining centre with full 4th axis capability, and an SL-20 Haas turning centre. The state-of-the-art facility is part of the university’s Génie Mécanique et Productique department where, over a 2-year period, graduates (of all ages) will utilise the Haas machines to become experts in production techniques, quality control, purchase, production organization and R&D. Other students at the school will use the HTEC in their studies for a master’s degree in engineering.

It is an honour for Haas Europe to join forces with IUT-A de Lille,” said Mr. Bert Maes, HTEC coordinator at HAE. “This is an inspiring school with dedicated teachers always searching for innovative technology and the most effective way to teach; it’s the perfect place for our first French HTEC!

Outlining his plans for the HTEC, Mr. Moulay-Driss Benchiboun, director of IUT-A de Lille said: “We have two objectives: We have to make young people in France more aware of the central role that technology takes in our modern way of life. We are also doing everything possible to make sure our students are qualified for a successful professional development throughout their careers. Our university aims to be a showcase for modern industry and our new HTEC will make a valuable contribution towards doing so.”

The IUT-A de Lille HTEC was realized with the help and support of local Haas Factory Outlet – A Division of Realmeca.

We have worked with Realmeca for many years,” says Jean-Marc Gardin, IUT-A de Lille’s coordinator for the new HTEC and professor in the GMP department, “and we have seen over the years that we have made the right choice. We are very happy with the support we have received and with the Haas machines.

The number of people studying CNC in France is declining, but our student registrations in the GMP department are stabilising. As a member of the European HTEC network we can now profit fully from the programme’s technologies and teaching materials.”

Realmeca sales director Mr. Jean-Baptiste Médot, was equally enthusiastic about the new HTEC, adding. “Today is the start of a dynamic, sustainable partnership with the aim of improving the quality of CNC training available and to attract more students to the exciting world of manufacturing.”

HAE director of marketing, Katja Mader was also present during the grand opening of the Lille HTEC.  “We expect the HTEC programme to be just as successful in France as it is in the other European countries,” she said. “We started small in Germany, Austria and elsewhere, and now we have some of the world’s biggest HTECs in those countries. We feel confident that France will follow suit and that French students will enjoy the tremendous benefits. As they say, from small acorns great oaks grow.

Press Release in French: Premier HTEC en France : petit poisson…

Press Release in German: Erstes HTEC in Frankreich: aus kleinen Anfängen…

Press Release in Italian: Il primo centro HTEC in Francia: i piccoli ruscelli…

Press Release in Spanish: Primer centro HTEC en Francia: De una nuez chica…

Press Release in Dutch: Eerste HTEC-centrum in Frankrijk: een verhaal van kleine boompjes…

Press Release in Romanian: Primul HTEC din Franța: Din ghinde mici…


HTEC – The Concept

The HTEC initiative is a partnership between European educational establishments, Haas Automation Europe (HAE), its distributor-owned HFOs (Haas Factory Outlets) and an alliance of industry leading, CNC technology partners.  HAE launched the HTEC programme in 2007 to counter what it regards as one of the greatest threats to the continent’s sustainable economic development: Namely, a shortage of talented and motivated young people entering the precision engineering industry with CNC machining skills.

The programme provides Haas CNC machine tools to educational establishments in Europe, so enabling HTEC students to become familiar with the latest CNC machining technology.  This hands-on experience ensures students graduate with transferable skills and better employment opportunities.  Haas Technical Education Centres also benefit local and national engineering companies by increasing the supply of well-educated apprentices.

Since launch, the HTEC initiative has expanded rapidly across Europe.  Governments – from Sweden to Romania and from Portugal to Russia – have enthusiastically backed the programme and recognise the need to build a stronger manufacturing infrastructure.

The HTEC Industry Partners are some of the best-known names in precision manufacturing technologies and have demonstrated a strong, ongoing commitment to the HTEC objectives, backing them with the investment of time and resources.  Currently, the

HTEC Industry Partner network comprises KELLER, MasterCam, Esprit, Renishaw, Sandvik Coromant, Schunk, Blaser, Urma, Chick, Air Turbine Technology, Hainbuch, and CIMCOOL.


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