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High-tech machines greatly improve student motivation

Posted by Bert Maes on January 21, 2011

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  • “The aim in life is self-development; that is what each of us is here for.” (Oscar Wilde)
  • “Constant development is the law of life.” (Mahatma Gandhi)
  • “The human condition is growing without interruption, fulfilling a process that started in the female womb.” (Franco Ferrucci)

Are we motivating our students to develop? Are we helping our students to learn? Are we engaging students? Are we energizing them to develop every minute of class time?

Or are we too focused on reading and math standards, and forgot that learning and self-development actually seems to work via motivation?

The more I experience, read and reflect on education, manufacturing and my own job at Haas Automation, the more I am convinced that what we are doing is a right approach. I am in charge of implementing an innovation project in CNC manufacturing education, i.e. the Haas Technical Education Center program.

What we actually do is supporting students to learn. For that purpose we partner with technical schools using a framework of modern manufacturing technologies, classroom support materials and international student exchange opportunities.

There is a lot of controversy about the impact of ICTs on student achievement measured with standardized tests. The impact on student scores seems to be very limited. BUT about one thing there is general consensus: both teachers and students feel that access to and use of high-tech machines GREATLY contribute to student motivation for learning.

Exactly that is in my view the mission of teaching: maximizing motivation and supporting students to learn via – in the words of Dr. Jeffrey H. Toneycreating classroom environments for students that can enhance their learning experiences and motivation.”

Engagement (either in a school, either in an enterprise) is the key to innovation and competitiveness, says Human Resources Magazine.

So: for manufacturing innovation and overall economic competitiveness, we need to increase the number of schools that offer technology-rich learning environments staffed by teachers who are ready to translate those opportunities into fascinating real-world life-saving manufactured applications.

Without motivated and inspired CNC manufacturing teachers and students, every country simply risks losing its future economic vitality. In the next decade the most essential occupations for our society will require a lot of technology and manufacturing skills, says Linda Rosen. THAT makes us invest constantly in education.

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2 Responses to “High-tech machines greatly improve student motivation”

  1. Tenis said

    Larry King once wisely proclaimed, “I remind myself every morning: Nothing I say this day will teach me anything. So if I’m going to learn, I must do it by listening.” That is precisely how I feel. I am thankful to have learned something new today. – Tenis

  2. […] a post last year, I talked about how high-tech machines greatly improve student motivation. But of course that is not the whole […]

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