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The Truth about…Youth

Posted by Bert Maes on June 14, 2011

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What motivates young people around the world today? Money? Fame? Justice?

McCann Worldgroup asked that question to 7000 young people around the world: US, UK, China, India, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, Chile, South Africa, Italy, Germany, Korea, Japan, Australia and Philippines.

 The same three motivations are ranked highly in every country.


And it is technology – most often their phone and laptop – which fuels the three motivations above. It is the deep relationship with technology that allows them to connect and to influence justice for a new era.

  • The need for connection and community is the most fundamental motivation for young people. They want to connect, share and broadcast through digital cameras, cheap editing software, design programs and blogging platforms.
  • For this reason: to be remembered, not for their beauty, their power or their influence, but simply by the quality of their human relationships and being loved by many people.
  • Connecting to a broader network of friends has replaced the need to belong to a tight-knit group of friends.
  • They long for new tools to broadcast, share, entertain, make new connections, beat their friends, and narrate their lives.
  • They avoid all impositions, rigid rules and structures where they can’t negotiate.
  • But these tools should come from people that really care. Youth is disgusted by corporate people doing good just to make themselves look good. From a young person’s point of view, the worst thing a brand can do us make a promise it doesn’t keep.
  • Young people want to change the world. Social media allows them to share information, to join groups on a wide range of topics (everything from corruption in politics to freedom of speech or human rights abuses) and to build networks of support and encouragement.
  • They believe technology brands like Google, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook will solve most of the problems the word faces today, from environmental issues to food shortages, from freedom of speech to privacy and terrorism.

I am wondering how these technology brands will save the world.
Have you got insights for me?

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6 Responses to “The Truth about…Youth”

  1. Ruth Schapira said

    Thank you for bringing this study to my attention, the information is fascinating, especially concerning the global needs and interests of our youth. If we really pay attention, this can help drive change.

  2. Ahh someone who sees the good in us..were not all as bad as the rest of the world portrays us. Thank you.!

    • Bert Maes said

      You are most welcome, ForeverYoungThoughts. Do you agree with all points above? Thoughts to add?

      • Yes i very much agree with all the points you listed, especially the last one. All these major companies have so much power right now, and we buy into every product they dish out and so on, I believe as long as they continue to expand eventually they will fix issues, or notice issues that many people didn’t know how to approach, or didn’t notice were even there. And when they do, the young people will notice, and want to be involved, therefor bettering our generation.

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