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VIDEO: A Short Video of Making a BMW Motorcycle

Posted by Bert Maes on March 16, 2010


This is just a short video about making a motorcycle. I like the integration of hands-on workers and robotics. You can really appreciate the programming and technology involved.

A comment from a viewer:  “Great bikes, of course, but big bummer to have so many robots replacing middle class jobs“.

An answer:

True, but a massive shortage of manufacturing workers forces us into dependence on technology, particularly robots. There will be many jobs for those people that have knowledge and skills in advanced, high-tech, sophisticated, highly automated manufacturing; for those people that create and program these powerful robots.

Manufacturing like this, with robotics will play an ever bigger role in health care, motorcycle building and lots of other industries.


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Bringing manufacturing back to schools

Posted by Bert Maes on January 12, 2010

By AJ, Director of Social Media and Community at

The Shop Rat Foundation is a Michigan-based initiative to bring manufacturing and hands-on skilled trades training to middle-school students. Its efforts extend beyond Michigan’s borders, and the Shop Rat classes & events are creative and effective. More background, from the site:

An Alabama-based chapter of Shop Rats

In Fall of 2006 the Shop Rat Foundation began its first program to pursue its mission called the Shop Rat Education Program. The Shop Rat Education Program is an afterschool private program for local Middle School Students. During the program the students learn Hands-on skills in the Skilled Trade Industry along with skill sets in math, science, team work, work ethic and employability. Students complete projects such as custom built motorcycle choppers, customized wheelchairs and full size two seat hovercrafts. Classes are FREE to students and the program is funded with donations, sponsorships and personal contributions.

Whether you choose to donate or not, pay these guys a visit online and give ‘em some encouragement. A noble cause, this.

AJ for Mojo.

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