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!The HTEC Network!

The Haas Technical Education Center (HTEC) program get’s back to the basics: Young people will only be inspired to enter manufacturing if they can follow education/training on high-quality equipment, with passionate teachers, on hands-on real-life projects, and not to forget: in an attractive, bright, truly modern, high-tech learning environment.

The HTEC initiative is a partnership between European educational establishments, Haas Automation Europe (HAE), its distributor-owned HFOs (Haas Factory Outlets) and an alliance of industry leading, CNC technology partners.  HAE launched the HTEC programme in 2007 to counter what it regards as one of the greatest threats to the continent’s sustainable economic development: a shortage of talented and motivated young people entering the precision engineering industry with CNC machining skills.

The programme provides Haas CNC machine tools to educational establishments in Europe, so enabling HTEC students to become familiar with the latest CNC machining technology.  This hands-on experience ensures students graduate with transferable skills and better employment opportunities.  The HTECs also benefit local and national engineering companies by increasing the supply of well-educated apprentices.

Since launch, the HTEC initiative has expanded rapidly across Europe.  Governments – from Sweden to Romania and from Portugal to Russia – have enthusiastically backed the programme because they recognise the need to build a stronger manufacturing infrastructure.  This requires well trained, highly motivated CNC technicians; people with access to the very latest CNC technology and with the knowledge and skills to get the best from it.  That’s what the HTEC programme aims to deliver and that’s why HAE and its partners will continue to develop the programme in 2010.

The HTEC Industry Partners are some of the best-known names in precision manufacturing technologies and have demonstrated a strong, ongoing commitment to the HTEC objectives, backing them with the massive discounts only for schools that step into the HTEC network, investment of time, expertise and classroom-ready teaching materials and resources.  Currently, the HTEC Industry Partner network comprises KELLER, MasterCam, Esprit, Renishaw, Sandvik Coromant, Schunk, Blaser, Urma, Chick, Air Turbine Technology, Hainbuch, and CIMCOOL.

At the end of 2009 there were 36 HTECs in 12 European countries HAE plans to open a further 24 HTECs in Europe in 2010, bringing the total to 60 HTECs in 15 countries.

For further information and to find out how your college can join the programme, please see:

For North America: 974 schools are member of the U.S. & Canada HTEC network. The management group is organizing several regional and national educators conferences throughout the year to share educational experiences about innovations in their CNC programs to keep a manufacturing career exciting, relevant and up-to-date. Visit


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