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List: The Jobs of the Future

green-jobs-bigDan Sunia (Department Chair Industrial Technology at Petaluma High School in California) said to me:

“Before kids choose their school or field of education, they first have to check the kind of jobs that are available”

And then I find this at a detailed list with descriptions of several green jobs with significant expected growth – THE JOBS OF THE FUTURE:

Building Retrofitting
Electrician jobs
Heating/Air Conditioning Installer jobs
Carpenter jobs
Construction Equipment Operator jobs
Roofer jobs
Insulation Installer jobs
Truck Driver jobs
Construction Manager jobs
Building Inspector jobs

Mass Transit
Civil Engineer jobs
Railroad jobs
Electrician jobs
Welder jobs
Metal Fabricator jobs
Production Worker jobs
Bus Driver jobs
Transportation Supervisor jobs
Dispatcher jobs

Energy-Efficient Automobiles
Computer Software Engineer jobs
Electrical Engineer jobs
Engineering Technician jobs
Welder jobs
Metal Fabricator jobs
Computer-Controlled Machine Operator jobs
Production Worker jobs
Operations Manager jobs

Wind Power
Environmental Engineer jobs
Iron and Steel Worker jobs
Millwright jobs
Sheet Metal Worker jobs
Electrical Assembler jobs
Construction Equipment Operator jobs
Truck Driver jobs
Production Manager jobs
Production Supervisor jobs

Solar Power
Electrical Engineer jobs
Electrician jobs
Machinery Mechanic jobs
Welder jobs
Metal Fabricator jobs
Electrical Assembler jobs
Construction Equipment Operator jobs
Installation Technician jobs
Laborer jobs
Construction Manager jobs

Cellulosic Biofuels
Chemical Engineer jobs
Chemist jobs
Chemical Technician jobs
Machine Operator jobs
Agricultural Worker jobs
Truck Driver jobs
Agricultural Inspector jobs


9 Responses to “List: The Jobs of the Future”

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  2. […] List: The Jobs of the Future […]

  3. […] List: The Jobs of the Future […]

  4. Good to know that there are options for people who want to pursue a career in manufacturing and industrial systems.

  5. r.carter said

    This list is far too long. The jobs mentioned are to service the rich. The common middle class as we know it is quickly disappearing and with it the hope of any meaningful future. As long as the powers that be believe in the worldwide patent act and continue to allow recording of our technology, we are doomed to the eastern onslaught of un abated techno- reproduction. To add insult to injury, we even train the competition, exporting our own innovation through foreign exchange students. Really, who are we trying to kid that there is some change afoot to improve the North American current model of widespread economic success. The constitution has been altered to suit Wall street not main street, while elected officials gorge at the trough pandering to special interests. Is there anyone to stand up to the power brokers and demand accountability? Where is the “FREE PRESS”? Currently it supports the fear mongering and riot police under the guise of Modern American law. (not constitutional as the country was founded upon) If the only remaining jobs are Government, then I guess we have somehow lost the cold war and are neo-commies. What’s even worse, the people we answer to are on the take. What has this country come to?

  6. Jose Abril said

    Nice list of future jobs, great!

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  9. Rustomen said

    I’ve come across this website the other day and they have a lot of jobs, green jobs, tech jobs and many more… check it out as it might have what you need.

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