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Meet Bert

Hi, I’m Bert Maes [you actually pronounce that as Maas] and I write this ‘Future of CNC Manufacturing Education’ blog.

I am synthesizing the best articles on the latest manufacturing, education reform, change management news; and I integrate them to easy-to-use solutions to inspire more young people to (CNC) manufacturing education.

Please feel free to contact me via commenting the posts or via Guest post suggestions are very welcome!

Bert Maes


3 Responses to “Meet Bert”

  1. […] Meet Bert […]

  2. Hi Bert

    I found you on a google searching for something else, but im glad i found your site.I love reading this stuff and it is very inspiring!! youve really made an amazing site here!!!theres so much information here that i dont know were to begin i have so many thoughts and comments. I could talk about machining all day… im 27 years old and ive been a machinist for about 15 years,Machining is not my job its my passion,my life, NO ONE!! loves machining and creating more then i do,My father is the reason for this he is also a machinist and we have are own machine shop in Toronto.
    Coventional machining is the key to all of our problems…i think people dont want to get there hands dirty anymore so they go learn cnc programing ,you could be the best cnc programmer/operator, if you dont have a strong conventional background you wont be able to produce.There sould be a school just for conventional machining and conventional machinists/Toolmakers should be getting much more pay then cnc machinist and in some places they do they should bump it up way higher,it should go up now instead of when all the skilled workers retire,who will teach them, ive had many teachers along the way, and i still dont know half there knowlege,i sometimes feel im running out of time to gain all there knowlege theres just too much really, you have to be a jack of all trades in machining…ive studied at 2 different colleges in ontario and to tell you the truth, you dont get much from them,the real schools are actuall machine shops think about it, you make one-offs in school, were are the tricks of the trade being teached to produce quantity orders, jigs, fixtures, theres none of that, drills and tool sharpening, do you know it took me 2 years too learn how to sharpen a drill,each material you drill needs a special way of sharpening to cut it right, and i still dont know everyhting, in this trade 1 lifetime is not enough tp learn everything.procedure,its not just machining, its designing, creating,order of operation,taking a product through all the stages of manufacturing.
    People better get on this quick or were in trouble thats for sure.
    I try to do my part, what im working on now is a crazzy website called it going to be fun interactive videos it will teach people what machining really is… still under construction what it is the fastest way to create a product and have it machined and packed,delivered right to your door.We also create are own products and sell them online!!! The possiblitys are endless at RapidPartsManfactuing, with us and our partners working toghther we can almost create anything!!!we have very cool, unique products and future products are always being designed by me… soon i will have videos of how its all made.
    we will soon have instant video messaging , for your ordered parts,iphone applications,and free manufacturing consulting, im growing the business for my dad and using his passed on knowlege to create a better world.I will be a big part of the future of manufacturing because no one loves it as much as i do, and i have vision and a mind that can create anything…
    I have so much work to do…..

    I think i talked enough for our first e-mail chat…
    look forward to sharing thoughts and ideas with you in the future,to creating a better world.

    Take Care,

    Joseph Sarafian

  3. Connie Tsang said

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is a message from Hong Kong Shue Yan University.

    We are preparing a book to be published by the Higher Education Division of McGraw-Hill Education (Asia), that is tentatively titled: The Emerging Strategy–Creativity & Innovation Leveraging on Business Ethics and that has an estimated publication date of August, 2011. It will number approximately 300 pages. We request your permission to use some of your materials in this and all subsequent editions of our book.

    Could you please provide your email address and we will send the official Permission Request Form to you as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact me by email. Thank you very much in advance.


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