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[Video] CNN Showcases the True Face of Modern Manufacturing

Posted by Bert Maes on April 20, 2010

AT LAST! Major media is finally portraying today’s manufacturing careers correctly!

CNN’s Tony Harris reports on the new high-tech jobs taking the place of old-style manufacturing. He has seen the company ADEX Machining Technologies in South Carolina USA from the inside, making metal parts for the aerospace and energy industries, via CNC programming and CNC machining.

The employees here, the video shows, spend as much time in the office as on the shop floor. They don’t just push the buttons of the machines, they also program the machines using CAM computer systems. Each worker is a highly competent programmer, machinist ànd quality control engineer. What typically was three different jobs, is now wrapped into one… That is what is called “lean manufacturing“.

And exactly THAT is extremely satisfying and empowering for the workers: “We take what is on paper and we can bring it to life“.

Using their computers to tell the machine where to drill holes in the piece of metal, going to the factory floor and actually making it happen, while still stimulating their brains… that is what the workers love about their modern high-tech manufacturing job.

This “New Face of Blue Collar Workers” is commonplace for the people who know today’s manufacturing companies.

But I’m 100% sure that the CNN video is  highly revealing to the general public and goes a long way in dispelling the old stereotype of manufacturing.


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4 Responses to “[Video] CNN Showcases the True Face of Modern Manufacturing”

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  2. Emma G said

    You are so right! And it’s so great to see the media finally showing it, too!

    I wish I had half the brain to do what manufacturing engineers can – it is absolutely amazing, seriously cool, completely crucial to our survival, and far beyond what traditional perception would have you think.

    I recently wrote about how machine knives make everything we do possible, but it’s educated, skilled,EXPERT engineers using technology to design and create the tools in the first place that really make it all happen

    This is a great review – and a great video you’ve linked.

    Thank you for continuing to promote manufacturing as a career that’s FAR MORE than what society has come to perceive it.

    • Bert Maes said

      Thank you for your comment, Emma.

      It is actually the first time that I get really excited by a manufacturing video: quick, short, quality visual and straight to the (right) point, and from a global #1 news network. So I couldn’t resist making it a little bit better known.

      You know, I’m not a manufacturing engineer either. But from what I know now: I wish had known before – at the moment of choosing my career and determining my future life – that manufacturing specialists can probably make the most difference in the world: from knives, to water purification, from power to a modern place to live for everyone. There is probably not a more rewarding career choice.

      I’m very lucky that in my job I get the opportunity to preach that daily to school principals, teachers, students and their parents. And I will keep going 😉 Thanks for your support!

  3. limewire said

    wow cool stuff bro.

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