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Why do kids say “no” to engineering?

Posted by Bert Maes on July 13, 2009

engineering toolsThe US National Science Foundation projects a shortage of 70,000 engineers by 2010.

According to a survey conducted on behalf of the American Society for Quality there is a variety of reason why 85 percent of youth, ages 8 to 17, say they are not interested in a future engineering career.

The top three reasons were:

  • Kids don’t know much about engineering — 44 percent.
  • Kids prefer a more exciting career than engineering — 30 percent.
  • They don’t feel confident enough in their math or science skills — 21 percent — to be good at it.

>> What will be – according to you – the consequences for manufacturing companies and the world’s economy?



2 Responses to “Why do kids say “no” to engineering?”

  1. […] 21 percent of the kids that would like to become an engineer don’t feel competent enough in their mathematics, geometry and science skills. They experience it as too difficult, boring, nerdy and irrelevant to their lives. […]

  2. Hello, I’m an engineering student at a 2 year university and I’m creating a website for our student chapter or IEEE. I searched google for an engineering pic and found this. I was wondering about copyright information for that picture. It looks really awesome and I wanna use it as the background.

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